Royal Burger Group

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Royal Burger Group consists of 200 transport experts providing a wide range of services. They ensure that freights are transported to, from and through Europe and around the world. The group consists of twenty-five offices in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.


Is there a decisive factor in uniting hundreds of international transport specialists? To make them operate as one big freight service provider? To make them hunt for business together, targeting several sectors in all those countries? Actually there is. It’s being well-informed. Knowing the trade secrets that your international colleagues have kept hidden so well for all this time.


Within the Royal Burger Group, every transport modality, route or handling is perfected to the core. By experts that have specialized in every piece of the puzzle. But the group’s main ingredient is not offering all those pieces. They outrun all competition by laying a new puzzle on the table. For every job. Every way they can. Which we visualized into an ever changing route grid.

The image of every way we can

Yet, any abstract imagery can never do justice to the relentless effort that all those experts put into their work every day. So we decided to make the Royal Burger Group services shine. To show the photographic golden hour of their transport solutions. To show them while puzzling the way to get your shipments en route. From dawn till dusk. From tip to toe. From start to end.


How do you make experts shine? By giving them the lead in their expert role. We gathered all the experienced Burger Group transport professionals from all countries. Making them tell us and all colleagues how to multiply the effects of our marketing efforts. Helped them to rethink and design an international sales strategy. Showed them that any brand can be universally appealing - unbothered by international borders and ignited by combined sales minds.

One of our key ingredients in the international sales strategy was to simplify the selection of international shipping routes. To make it easy for customers in any country to find the right person for the right job. We created online interaction by coupling key personnel to country, logistic services and shipping line databases.

There is so much more to Google Maps than meets the eye. We turned the world map into an interactive overview of all destinations that are served by Royal Burger Group’s exclusive liner agencies. And made any click on the map change the contents of other parts in the group’s website.

Business Development Team tools

After moderating several International Business Development Team meetings, we addressed the need for international sales tools. Provided all sales departments with tailor-made key notes to make a coordinated effort to hunt for business in specific sectors. That way, we were able to translate the group’s key brand position into an international sales movement. Putting all the pieces on the group’s table to bridge the gap and cross sell logistical puzzles.

Wondering if this might work for you?

We stick to our BrainSells methodology. Like the case above. We also understand that you might want to know if the same approach will work for your brand or company. Are you still wondering if we can ‘crack your case’ as well? Then simply contact Jeroen: