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Fource is an importer and distributor of car parts to wholesalers for independent garages and market leader in the Benelux. It is an integration of four strong companies into one major market player. Their customer support in marketing is unprecedented. Helping clients to grow their business with training and (online) sales tools.


How do you integrate four very strong market players into one dominating brand? Lifting them all to a higher level in the eyes of the market, without alienating most loyal customers. Enthusing employees and respecting long standing relations while taking over a fragmented market with one decisive blow. Right there and then we knew we had to carefully communicate the benefits for all parties involved. To make them stick with the winner.


When companies merge, it should be a winning proposition. In this case the proposition is not about making friends. It’s about helping independent garage owners to consolidate their market share and increase customer visits. To make them benefit from a continuous drive for innovation. To make them join a force to be reckoned with. We named it Fource, automotive source.

Explaining what your proposition is all about can never be a dull moment. We thought it would be fun to make a video commercial to introduce this new business force. And logically, this video had to be four minutes long. Which is absurd, off course. So we made it only one-and-a-half-minute long. But instead, we produced it in four days. Which was a tour de force in itself. And more fun than we could have imagined.

What’s it like to be an automotive powerhouse? We felt the need to explain the fundamental pillars of Fource’s brand positioning. A more intelligent database with deeper understanding and better coupling of car parts to car types. A more local way of distributing those car parts with same-day delivery and overnight trucking. And a speedy access to those parts by easy online ordering and integrating mobile devices.


Any successful brand introduction starts with activating your own sales force. So we gathered and trained them at remote locations. Prepared them to answer all possible questions that could be raised. Introduced them to all new sales tools. And afterwards we ignited all co-workers with an actual bag of information before launching the new brand. Surprising them with outdoor signing of their offices and warehouses.

The sales tool box not only contained a strong message in a corporate brochure. We added an important second document explaining why Fource was created. Why it took the automotive market by storm. Illustrating the market vision and the future that Fource is trying to create for its customers. Simply explaining why you don’t want to miss out on joining the Full Fource partner program. Because winners take it all.


Nobody likes to pay. But we do. To pay a visit, that is. We sent our best and brightest pit babes around town. Driving their promotional vehicles (which is probably the worst way to describe our decorated sports cars) to independent garage owners around the country. To spark their work force with branded energy drinks. Because sometimes it does not pay to explain it all. Sometimes you just need to show it.

Wondering if this might work for you?

We stick to our BrainSells methodology. Like the case above. We also understand that you might want to know if the same approach will work for your brand or company. Are you still wondering if we can ‘crack your case’ as well? Then simply contact Jeroen: