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At Brink Management / Advies (consultancy), around one hundred real estate specialists work for every organisation in the supply chain of construction, facilities and real estate. They operate as consultants or project managers in all aspects of real estate. From development to operation, from construction to infrastructure, from investment to general use.


Imagine your employees guiding their clients through treacherous fields of real estate investments, development and construction. Now think of those co-workers suddenly opposing a client's decisions, because they feel it is not in the building project’s best interests. Because their hearts are solely filled with real estate. What to do? Well, first you let them proclaim that secret love out loud. And then, you turn it into a new code of conduct.


Loving your job and the love for your field of work can make a very powerful and passionate statement. Once you are willing to shout it out aloud, that is. Once you are willing to recognize you are the only one in your line of business to go further when all competitors stop. Because of your love for real estate. When your gut feelings overrule all contractual obligations that you have made, you’re ready to make a bright and powerful statement. With colors to match that ambition.

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Our brand positioning for Brink Management / Advies did not offer room for abstract words or superficial imagery. When you truly speak from the heart, the truth comes out. And it did. We made Brink’s new claim support their expert perspective on real estate. Showed them that such devotion should not be merely stated in public. It should be quietly felt and recognized by all target groups.

A simple customer intimacy strategy was never paramount in Brink’s core offering. Their personal passions and secret devotions surpass any competitor’s customer-driven marketing. Because when love is involved, all facts will be forgotten. So we made Brink co-workers stand out from the crowd.

Our image strategy and personal descriptions show that Brink’s specialists have not lost that loving feeling. That they were not put on this world to do whatever their clients ask them to. Instead their minds wander off to new possibilities, envisioning new purposes for real estate. Straight from the heart.


Brink's brand positioning is most profound when it comes to tender management. How do you profile the love for real estate to potential customers? We made a universal template design to make prospects feel the passion and energy that Brink's specialists put into their quotation documents. And those templates were extended to internal digital documents, commercial folders and electronic news letters.

Did you know that most experts thrive on discussion? Now, imagine what happened when we assembled dozens of those experts in our offices. And made them cough up all the details we needed to describe the very best projects they have ever worked on. Had them tell us all the ins and outs of their own profession. Then rearranged all that content into a newly structured website and social content. Digitally interchanging expertises, markets, projects, people and opinions. Gathering proud arguments to challenge all others in the field.

Wondering if this might work for you?

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