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Royal Burger Group

Is there a decisive factor in uniting hundreds of international transport specialists? There is. We gathered all Burger Group’s transport professionals from all countries and made them tell the trade secrets that they have kept hidden so well for all this time.

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Zuid-Hollands Landschap

In South-Holland, purchasing lands for nature preserve is a difficult task. We found out that in all other provinces at least 12 procent of nature is protected. While in South-Holland we can hardly scramble and protect 6 procent of our surroundings. Time to rally the people. And help them protect square meters of their own choosing in Google Maps.

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To enhance real life dialogues, we decided to bring Solar’s three-day customer event into the next century. We digitalized their invitation process and even automated their personal meetings with interactive bracelets. It gave better insights into their customer’s interests and gave easy access to sales activities.

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Why would you connect your car to your mobile phone? We designed a mobile app connected to a plug-in in your car. And transformed the plug-in’s key message from a difficult technical solution into a very recognizable human desire: make your own car mechanic drive along to keep your car healthy.

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How do you integrate four very strong market players into one dominating brand? When companies merge, it should be a winning proposition. In this case it is helping independent garage owners to consolidate their market share and increase customer visits. To make them join a force to be reckoned with.

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Brink Management / Advies

Loving your job and the love for your field of work can make a very powerful and passionate statement. Once you are willing to shout it out aloud. We made Brink do just that. Rearranged their expertise into proud arguments that challenge all others in the field. Making a new claim to support their expert perspective on real estate.