BrainSells. The truth is in your mind.

We tenaciously stick to our BrainSells process to help you grow your business.
We don’t care for briefing documents. For the truth is not in them but in your mind.

BrainSells® is a tried and tested three-step methodology that we have developed ourselves and have executed in more than seventy brand positioning projects. First we reform your own static truth into a dynamic story. Next we create a compelling strategic design. Then use both to plan and direct online and offline interaction. Simply put, we help you grow your business with strategy, design and communication. Think. Make. Do.

BrainSells is finding beauty in honesty. It questions traditions and disproves assumptions that hide in plain sight within your own company. It will clear your brand positioning, create new business possibilities and generate visionary ideas.

Think. Before you act.

Selling fairy tales is not in our nature. We believe in selling the truth. By finding out what makes your clock tick. By penetrating your minds looking for that one distinctive advantage over competitors. Letting our intuition see your inner benefits. Because such insights are always discovered inside you.

Make. A difference.

The marketing puzzles that you yourself cannot solve by conventional logic are ours for the taking. We’ll lead you through the pathless land of creativity using your insights. Redesigning that one profound truth you should be most proud of. Letting our creative brains provide evidence for your sales promise.

Do. Not hesitate.

That's what it comes down to in the end. Making you interact with others. Making you truly different. Telling the truth with a hard-selling strategic design that produces more money, more customers, more awareness, more understanding, more clicks, more fans, more likes. Planned and monitored. To bring your insights out right.
Why use BrainSells?
To speak the truth is the most difficult of all arts.

For most companies it is easier to make false statements than to refine their communication. With BrainSells we help you strengthen your brand positioning and communications. But it can also be applied to deeper levels of your company. Like product and service innovation, tool design for specific markets or client needs and even redefining your core business offering.

Your brand will not grow by solely identifying a creative strategy. Communication has changed. People are choosier about receiving promotional messages, yet they are more connected than ever before. With BrainSells we develop interaction campaigns to direct customer experiences, monitor your brand positioning and take responsibility for the execution.

Selling brands is daily business. 70 BrainSells sessions and counting.

There is nothing to set a mind at ease than waking up and not having to decide who you are. To know and show who you really are is the greatest power of all. It is both arms and armour. No company rides so high as the one that tells the truth. Sadly, truth is the claim of all but the game of few. Our BrainSells client list shows which companies understand that the tongue can conceal the truth, but the eyes never.


They all used BrainSells.

We're very proud of our long-standing client relationships. And even more proud of the work that we have created for them with BrainSells. Brand experiences that turned their customers into believers and visitors into avid followers.

Automotive Academy
Royal Burger Group
Hofmeester Dental

Curious what we can do for you?

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