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Here I am, eating a donut.

Have you ever seen a post on Twitter called ’I’m eating a #donut’? Or ‘I like donuts’ on Facebook? They’re posts and pictures on social media that make fun of that same social media. ‘Here I am, eating a donut’, is the YouTube video version. This phenomenon is quite funny. The posts draw a clear picture in many minds. And as such generate a lot of likes, comments and shares – just like the famous brain breaker calculation posts (’Do you know the answer?’). They even get recognition from LinkedIn users.

And I think I know why. Most organizational social media users are simply unable to come up with a clear and distinctive message. So instead, they are quick to make fun of the social media themselves. Something they should call into question (again on social media, presumably). It’s a clear case of ’not knowing what to tell’. It can happen in all forms of communication. And when it does, shit tends to come out of your mouth. Which is fine as long as you are posting as an individual. Like to post on donuts? Be my guest. I don’t mind. But I do think it is kind of sad when companies start posting such messages. It’s deplorable when professional communicators who speak on behalf of a commercial organizations are unwilling to give the content of their brand’s message a second thought. The result? Without a relevant message you’ll be spreading a lot of non-distinct info. Even though you’re generating a lot of likes on your #donut cartoon messages.

It’s a clear case of ‘not knowing what to tell’. It can happen in all forms of communication.

Many business-to-business companies do not dare to venture into social media. It’s scary. It feels like walking in seven-league boots. They will scrupulously avoid social media and claim it’s a no-go area business wise. Okay, some companies might use LinkedIn, but still they are not entirely sure if it’s safe for business. But Facebook? “That’s just not us.” Instagram? Pinterest? “Seriously? What am I supposed to do with it?” Well, we think you should use them. And use them wisely. To ridicule entire social platforms seems it bit too easy.

Wouldn’t you rather have a relevant message to tell the world? Something to help you fight your company’s competition. Something to proudly publicize across all social media. Then it would be a must-go area business wise. To make your brand eye-catching with defiance and recognizable to avid followers. But to make sure you earn each and every ‘like’ or ‘share’ that you get, you will have to practice whatever you preach on social media. “You mean I should spend a lot of time, effort and money to discover the true and distinguishing story of my company or brand?” Well, yes. You should. Because done right, it will earn you a lot of likes, positive feedback, extra fans, more goodwill, more customers and even a higher revenue and better profit.

René Besemer, 15 July 2017

René Besemer

René Besemer is Managing Director at WADM – creative agency for insights and interaction. He has a nose for delicate copywriting and seeing the big picture while being fond of finance and organization. Which makes him a regular member of the BrainSells®-team. He can laconically bulldoze over things and diplomatically force openings with skilled chess moves only moments later. You would rather have him keep his opinions to himself.