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Data is king, but the queen is being neglected.

Who knows the most about digital users? After all, data is king. The War Of Competition is being fought on data battlefields nowadays. To determine who can tell the most about their target groups. Who knows users most intimately? Who knows prospects best? And who is the most clever one in combining all that data? What interesting facts can be squeezed out of the cloud to use for commercial purposes? What are the next strategic steps to gather even more data? And, speaking of battle fields, we know there’s another battle being fought right now. It’s the fight to enlist the best data-engineers and the greatest algorithm-nerds. The ones needed to win the war. It’s a gruesome sight of two simultaneous battles on adjoining battle fields.

We’re too busy chasing all-defining-data on others, leaving no time or money to define the actual message.

While data is king, the queen is being payed no attention. Even worse, she has been put in the dungeon. Confined to bread and water. Let’s face it. As an organization, what is it that you truly know about yourself? What is left for your company to tell others, when that story needs to be really true and different? What data about yourself (pun intended) makes you stand out from the crowd? We’re living in a time where we, apparently, need to put all energy in collecting data on customers, prospects or users. Basically, our prey. Making us forget the most important thing to tell: what our organization stands for.

Actually, ’forget’ is not the right word here. Because we don’t really forget. We simply don’t take the time to discover what it is that makes us unique. To find out what to tell others and show how different we are. We’re too busy chasing all-defining-data on others, leaving no time or money to define the actual message. Some desperate attempts were made by introducing content management. But nobody knew how to turn it into daily practice. Nobody realized what it would mean for current organizational structures. And that is when we started to sink our teeth into more concrete things like data. Because it’s tangible. It can be measured and controlled. So that we can harass target groups (who we know everything of) with a dime-a-dozen message. Lacking anything better to tell. The queen has died. Long live the king.

René Besemer, 30 June 2017

René Besemer

René Besemer is Managing Director at WADM – creative agency for insights and interaction. He has a nose for delicate copywriting and seeing the big picture while being fond of finance and organization. Which makes him a regular member of the BrainSells®-team. He can laconically bulldoze over things and diplomatically force openings with skilled chess moves only moments later. You would rather have him keep his opinions to himself.